Insighting          Peace

from turmoil to tranquillity
from tranquillity to joy
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Hypnotherapy and
coaching for women

Welcome to InsightingPeace
hypnotherapy and coaching for women

I hope you discover something here that will inspire you
 to take action so you can live your life
with greater happiness and satisfaction.

Lose weight without will power

Lift mild to moderate depression

Are you fed up feeling the rolls of fat when you move? Do you find some ordinary things difficult to do because of that fat?
Are you embarrased to look at your body in the mirror?

Are you ready to change that?

With the program I use there's
no pills, no diets, no special foods and no deprivation!
Just steady healthy fat loss on the way to the natural healthy shape and size that's just right for your body.
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Depression is becoming more and more of a health concern in our world.
While some people really do need medication (and that's something for your doctor to determine) it's been found that most people respond well to psychotherapy methods instead
The method I use - The Human Givens Approach - has proven to be highly effective for lifting mild to moderate depression in just a few sessions and if you are already on medication it won't interfere with that.
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Eliminate fears and phobias

Resolve other emotional issues

IDo you have a fear or phobia that's getting in the way in your life? Is it preventing you joining in or doing what you'd really love to do?
Fear is a natural safety feature of being human and we rely on it to alert us in appropriate situations but when it interferes in your life in ways that distress you, then it's time to do something about it.
You really don't have to live your life trying to get around it and there are gentle ways to eliminate fears and phobias
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There are many situations that can produce emotional turmoil.
Sometimes life events can't  be altered and the most helpful thing to do is find a way to come to peace with them.
At other times the cause is not clear but you do know that your reaction isn't helpful and maybe not even appropriate.
There are ways to resolve these emotions so that you can live your life with more satisfaction and happiness
If you want help to do that, contact me for a free initial discussion.

Positive Ageing

Are you anxious about getting older?
Are you scared by the images and comments that you see and hear? Do you worry about what's in store for you?

It's time to change all of that!

You can prepare to thrive as you get older - mentally, emotionally and physically, just as you would prepare financially for retirement!

If you are 50 or over, now's the time to get started.
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