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Emotional Wellbeing and Positive Ageing Facilitation for Women

Lift Depression

Lift the cloud of mild to moderate depression

The best description of depression that I've encountered is being too far down at the sad end of the
mood scale and for too long.

If you know someone with depression or are experiencing it yourself you would know that difficulty
with sleeping is a key component of it.....usually not getting to sleep or waking up and not being able
to get back to sleep. The sleep cycle is disrupted and you wake up exhausted and it doesn't seem to
get any better. Life seems bleak and joyless.

The approach I use was developed as a fresh perspective on depression by Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell
two UK psychologists who started  the Human Givens Institute , following 20 years of research and

It's advisable to take action as soon as you realise you aren't taking steps to resolve your worries and you're finding it harder and harder to get going, even with the activities you would normally enjoy.

You deserve to have your happiness back. There is a way to lift that cloud of depression and the earlier you take the first step the easier it is to lift it.      

You're welcome to call and arrange a brief phone chat with me to learn more about this approach before booking.

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