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Weight loss without will power

No pills, no diet, no special foods, no deprivation

The Virtual Gastric Band

Are you fed up with diets, pills or food fads? Losing weight then putting it all back on again.. and then
some! Have you even been considering gastric band surgery?

Well, before you take that more dramatic and expensive step consider the Virtual Gastric Band instead.

The Virtual Gastric Band program engages both your conscious and subconscious minds.
The subconscious is that part of your mind that's
responsible for your habits and for running your body,
the part that causes you to eat without even being aware of what you're doing!

Working with both these parts of your mind means they'll be on the same page so you can follow through
without the sense of temptation and deprivation so common with other methods.

You don't have to avoid the foods you enjoy  (though eating healthily is always in your best interests) so
you don't have to prepare separate meals for other members of your family or watch them eat what
you'd like to be eating too! That way of living is simply unsustainable long-term, as you probably know.

Instead, you'll learn how to recognise the full and hungry signals of your stomach and follow them, you'll
feel satisfied eating smaller amounts of what you enjoy and you'll also be able to disregard those random and habitual thoughts that tempt you (some of the subconscious aspects of the program) .

As you steadily lose weight, you can start to gain the body you want to feel good about for all the reasons you want it - appearance, health, flexibility, activity, longevity and general wellbeing.

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