Emotional Wellbeing and Positive Ageing for Women

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Welcome to InsightingPeace where you will find help and information that will get you closer to living your life with happiness and fulfillment

Rebel Elders!

We can prepare to thrive as we get older - mentally, emotionally and physically,
just as you would prepare financially for retirement!

Does getting older really bother you?
Do the ageist images and comments unnerve you?
Do you worry about what's in store for you?

It's time to change all of that!
If you are 55 or over, now's the time to get started. Don't wait until it's too late!

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Resolve emotional issues

Many situations in life can produce emotional turmoil and though it can seem impossible at times, these emotions really can be resolved and you can live your life with satisfaction, contentment and happiness 

If you hang on to them though, old grievances, resentments or jealousies can stand in the way of your peace and happiness

There may be times when the cause of your turmoil isn't clear but you do know that your
reaction isn't helpful and maybe not even appropriate.

Admittedly, there are some life events that can't be undone, but it is still possible to accept and come to peace with them.

If you would like help to do that, contact me for a free initial discussion.

Lose weight

Do you want to feel better in your body, more comfortable, able to move with ease and do the thiings you want to do?
Do you want to look and feel lighter and more alive?

If you are fed up feeling rolls of fat when you bend over, finding some ordinary things difficult to do and are embarrased to look at your body in the mirror then  the question is, are you ready to change that yet?

Carrying that extra fat gets more troublesome as we get older.
and while it's always important to stay healthy, it becomes even more so when we get to our wisdom years..

The program I offer has no pills, no diets, no special foods and no deprivation!
Just steady, healthy fat loss on the way to the natural healthy shape and size
that's just right for your body.

If you really are ready to slim down naturally, you can find out more here