Emotional Wellbeing and Positive Ageing for Women

Linda Black
171 Stud Rd, Wantirna
Vic 3152, Australia

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About me

I was always curious about why people behaved the way they did and what we could do to make them happier
when they were upset or angry. I came to understand only later in my life that happiness is an inside job!

I formalised that interest by completing a degree in Psychology as a mature student.
When I was considering post-graduate studies I found that the Psychology pathways available at that time

didn't really attract me so I decided to work for a while and return to study in a year or so.

I spent the next 8 years in the Victorian Public Service - so much for 'a year or so'! I enjoyed my work there
immensely, being involved at the heart of government.

However, times change and in 2000 I discovered Life Coaching, which was relatively new in Australia then. 
I completed a course and then went on to study Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and The Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).
At the same time I deepened an interest in the Enneagram which I had been studying privately since 1991.

Since then I've completed a Diploma in Applied Clinical Hypnotherapy to bring all these resources under the one umbrella, a Certificate in Psychotherapy (Human Givens) (which specifically offers a fresh approach to mild to moderate depression) and undertook training in The Virtual Gastric Band Procedure, Hypnotension  and  Quantum Consciousness.

Since 2001, at various stages, I've taught EFT, an introduction to the Enneagram and several of my own courses, all of them aimed at  helping  women become more self-aware, more able to regulate their emotions and also to discover and harness their personal gifts, talents and strengths; the best of who they are.

Several years ago I had cornea transplants for an inherited eye condition. As a result of that personal experience I also offer hypnosis for before and after surgery, helping women use the unconscious, imaginative part of their mind to become emotionally ready and engaged participants in their own healing and recovery. 

Being among the older members of the community now, I've become a rebel elder, aware of the unrealistic ageism that is so common!
I'm researching more realistic, positive options and I'm determined to do what I can to promote them, both to individual  women fearful about getting older and everything that seems to mean, and more broadly regarding society's ageist assumptions and expectations.

I'm available as a women's therapist and also as a public speaker, talking about positive ageing and the power and value of our wisdom years.
Linda Black Hypnotherapist