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Remove fears and phobias

Reclaim your life
Stress, anxiety, panic attacks and, at the worst, PTSD are all indications that our natural alert signal to
be cautious has become a tyrant instead of a servant.

Fear and anxiety
Are you constricted by fear or anxiety?
Or maybe that constriction isn't such a big a deal and although you have it, it doesn't hold you back
that much.....but only because you've managed your life to avoid having to deal with it!

Do you keep focusing on what can go wrong? That can take all the joy out of life. And it's even

when you can't identify what you're anxious about!

However, if there are things you'd love to do or places you want to go but fear stops you, freeing

yourself from its suffocating hold could really change your life in ways you'd love.

We all experience anxiety to some degree at various times in our lives. Being cautious is a natural part of being human and in unusual and unfamiliar situations that signal is invaluable, it's part of our survival kit. But when unjustified anxiety becomes panic, it's an indication that it's time to return it to its position as a valued servant.

Do any of these intense fears interfere in your life?

  • public speaking
  • flying
  • spiders
  • open spaces
  • closed spaces
  • small animals

These are just a few of the many phobias that people can have.

What would your life be like without your phobia?

What would you do that you can't do now?
Where would you go?
What could you achieve?
What would it be like to be free?

There are gentle ways to eliminate phobias that don't require sheer determination and will power. All you have to face is that you could be keeping your phobia needlessly when you could be free of it instead.

Fear is a natural part of us and plays a very necessary role in our wellbeing and safety. But when it gets out of hand and turns up when there's nothing truly harmful involved then it's operating in a way that wasn't intended.

When your mind and body can understand the difference between danger, caution and 'just something new and therefore unfamiliar' you are free to enjoy life in ways you may never have been able to do before.

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