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Connecting you with your inner resources to live a better life
Hypnosis is the most well recognised and established method of directly
communicating with your unconscious mind and starting to thrive in your life

It's estimated that your unconscious mind is about 90% of your whole mind. 
That means your conscious mind is only 10% - and it thinks it's running the show!

Hypnotherapy vs stage hypnosis
People tend to worry that they'll be giving up control when they're hypnotised.
Maybe you've seen that at a show, on TV or in the movies.

However, entertainment and therapy are very different! Stage hypnosis is
designed and intended to be entertaining. The participants know that and they
are prescreened for willingness to go along with the performance.

The therapeutic application of hypnosis (hypnotherapy) is a respectful collaboration and you retain the power. It is far removed from stage hypnosis!

Your unconscious mind is very, very impressive!
It always has your best interests at heart, but much of the time it operates on 'set and forget' (beliefs and habits) which isn't always what you want now. It can't make just goes with the program!

Much of what you set was developed in your childhood or in a traumatic situation years and years ago. Perfect at the time, not so ideal  today.

Above all, your unconscious mind maintains consistency with your beliefs and values and that consistency takes precedence over what you say you want, or even what you do want consciously.

You can think about being different, you can decide to be different, but until that change is absorbed by your unconscious mind you'll just do what you've always done and get mad at yourself for 'doing it again'. This is why will power has limited value. While you're paying conscious attention will power can work. But as soon as you're distracted your unconscious mind kicks in and runs the old program!

The past events in your life that were distressing then and are still unresolved at the unconscious level now are often activated by current  experiences of a similar type. That's one of the reasons why reactions can seem over the top at times.

With hypnosis we can neutralise the effect of those past experiences and align and engage new beliefs and values that will serve you better today.

Imagine feeling inspired to take the actions you want to take - eat healthily, stay focused on your goals, exercise regularly, leave that destructive relationship you've been trying to leave, change that job ..... you know those things you want to do.

Can everyone be hypnotised?

Do you ever get completely absorbed in a book? Do you get teary in a sad movie? Do you drive somewhere familiar and realise your mind was miles away for much of the journey? All of these are examples of trances and are completely natural. Anyone can be hypnotised (unless there's a physical brain injury)....if they want to be! Being willing is important. If you've decided that you're not going to be hypnotised then you won't be.

How does hypnosis work?
Hypnosis accesses the dreaming part of your brain. The dreaming state is the mind's natural programming state. So we can directly connect with your unconscious mind to make the improvements in your life that you want such as:

  • changing unwanted emotional reactions
  • replacing beliefs and values that no longer serve you; and 
  • releasing the grip of old, distressing memories that seem to keep you stuck

Hypnotherapy is  a combination of hypnosis and therapy. In directly accessing that programming part of your mind it enables the therapy process to be more effective.

Our purpose together is to identify what's specifically causing your current distress and then make the agreed changes that will serve you better in your current day to day life.

What does hypnosis feel like?
t varies for each of us. Some people feel that they're just sitting there with their eyes closed, feeling relaxed. Others feel dreamy or drowsy. Yet others are barely aware of anything. Each of those variations and everything in between are all normal.
When you come for hypnosis, we'll work in partnership, as collaborators, and you are always in charge.  I can assure you, you won't be behaving like they do on stage! Hypnosis enables you to make good use of this incredibly valuable resource you were born with to improve your life in so many ways.

Do I just tell you what I want and hypnosis will do it?
That would be a magic wand and I'd love one but it doesn't usually work that way. There are some things hypnotherapy can change easily and that can feel like a magic wand at times. But more often, especially with habits you want to break, it involves a conscious action as well. Hypnotherapy will shift underlying issues that are the drivers of the behaviour and also initiate the preferred new behaviour but you still have to pay attention when you go to the fridge or supermarket because the unthinking habit will kick in until the new behaviour is firmly established.

Give me a call or send an email if you have any more questions before you book a hypnotherapy session.